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    Honest writing for a
    marketing world

    I am a writer at heart -- bitter, insecure, unwilling to trade all this for a novelist's fortune. And I've got marketing moxie coursing through my veins -- fresh, energized and results-driven.

    With a writer's heart
    pumping marketer's blood...
    well, you get the idea.

    we write:
    Scripts of all kinds
    Concepts, themes & campaigns
    Ad & Web Copy
    diatribes & manifestos


    The best thing ever!

    Video is the greatest invention since the advent of currency (c. 2000 BC), the rise of storytelling (c. 3500 BC) and the grasp of common sense (not long after the discovery of fire).

    In fact, video is all of the best inventions rolled into one. So it takes experience and common sense to tell a good story on a tight budget. We can help.

    we make:
    Image & PR pieces
    Abstract & Eye candy
    demo & instruction
    grainy footage to fuel conspiracies


    don't be so corporate.

    Corporate events sometimes get a bum rap for being stale and boring, full of trite warblings and awkward rah-rah moments led by in-the-bubble management clicking through lame, clip-art studded visuals that starve the products and brands of their rightful brilliance.

    I don't have anything else to add, other than, let's not do events like that.

    we do:
    B2B & B2C
    Product Launches
    media & promo tours
    Virtual Content
    civil war reenactments



    NRDC Growing Green Awards
    Various San Francisco venues

    Production and Creative consultant (since 2010) for this annual fundraising celebration of sustainable agriculture and cuisine hosted in the cradle of the crusade, with appearances by luminaries and innovators, as well as tastings for an audience of well-heeled proponents, benefactors and gourmands.


    VMware Worldwide Kick-off
    Palazzo and Venetian, Las Vegas

    Creative Direction and Writing for a company proud of its unconventional culture. Work included staging, video, gags, headliners and presentation finesse in close consultation with C-Level staff. Same roles played at 2011 WWKO. For Encore Productions.


    Microsoft Company Meeting
    Key Arena, Seattle

    Creative Direction for a 6+ hour arena show for 16,000 and pre-event campaign, coming at a most exciting time in the company's history. Also authored proposal that edged out four-year incumbent and others. Produced, with aplomb, by Zed Ink.


    Intel Perceptual Computing Video
    Writer, Director and Producer of this fantastical piece about some real technology percolating in Intel's labs. For Clarity Creative.


    HP Sales Kick-off
    Venetian, Las Vegas

    Creative Direction for key executives in the enterprise space at a time of great upheaval and opportunity. We took some very bold approaches. A reprise from 2010 and 2011. For the Kenwood Group.


    PepsiCo Senior Management Meeting
    Grand Cypress, Orlando

    Creative Direction, Writing and Design of an interactive experience to immerse senior executives in the new reputational campaign for PepsiCo's many brands worldwide. For Campos Creative Works.




    Campos Creative Works (LA)
    Clarity Creative
    Encore (LV)
    GPJ (SF)
    HKM/Maslen (LV)
    The Kenwood Group (SF)
    MC2 (NY)
    R&R (LV)
    Zed Ink (LA)



    Video: WiMAX Satire
    As with so many new tech splashes, WiMAX demos and usage models had become commonplace years before its public rollout. So Intel challenged me to conceive the inconceivable -- using WiMAX to herd cattle, micromanage kids and carry on sordid affairs with others' home appliances. And already, these scenarios have become nearly achievable.


    CES Keynote: Michael Dell
    For Campos Creative Works

    Creative direction of Michael Dell's first foray onto the CES mainstage, at a time when the CE community was growing leery of PC intervention. The trend hasn't slowed. Also wrote and co-directed opening video.


    Station Casinos Goes Private
    For R&R Live at Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas

    Produced, designed and creative directed this high-stakes investors' event for the renown Fertitta Brothers of Las Vegas, now owners of the Station Casino empire, as well as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This is one of those rare events you can honestly say was only the best.


    Motorola in China

    There was a time when Motorola led the industry in innovation. This was that time and China was the place to be. Wrote, directed and produced this piece, using local crews.


    Intel Capital CEO Summits (2001-2006)
    Beijing, Mumbai, California

    Hundreds of CXOs meet up with start-ups from Intel Capital's portfolio in emerging powerhouses of China and India. Executive produced and creative directed these multi-day events that included keynotes, plenty of kinetic networking ops and days spent touring labs, fabs and campuses around Beijing and Mumbai.


    Keynote Creative for Intel Chairman Andy Grove (2002-2005)
    From on-stage chats with Steve Jobs to insider videos spoofing Andy's reputation as a stern taskmaster and business visionary, I worked closely with his staff to celebrate Andy's legacy in his final years as Chairman of the Board.


    International CxO Keynote Tours for Intel (2000-2005)
    For Encore Productions

    Executive produced and creative directed fast-paced tours of Asia, Europe and South American for Craig Barrett, Paul Otellini, Sean Maloney and others. Managed global teams and local crews and united shareholders in both production and messaging.



    Campos Creative Works (LA)
    Clarity Creative
    Encore (LV)
    GPJ (SF)
    HKM/Maslen (LV)
    The Kenwood Group (SF)
    MC2 (NY)
    R&R (LV)
    Zed Ink (LA)

  • meet doug & binderama

    Doug sans makeup

    Writer. Creative Director. Executive Producer.

    I've clocked over 20 years in the pursuit of compelling corporate engagements, delivering message and excitement through large-scale events and not-your-momma's multimedia. Clients include C-level execs of the Fortune 500 and members of the Forbes 400 in industries ranging from hi-tech and entertainment to gaming, financial, retail and fashion. Middle management, start-ups and non-profits too!

    The work has included award-winning projects throughout the US, in Europe and South America, and multiple cities in China and India.

    Way back when, I started my career and found my direction working on major events for Walt Disney World and then marketing and production for Universal Orlando. Stints in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles led me to Silicon Valley where I reside today.

    As for Binderama, that came about when my accountant noted that everyone else was forming LLCs in the early aughts and so should I.

    View Doug Binder's profile on LinkedIn

    The buzz

    nice words from smart people

    " He's got that rare combination of creative genius and strong execution that makes him a partner to trust."
    -- Wendy White, Intel and Motorola

    "Creator, writer, collaborator, cartoonist, producer, communications strategist, wit, problem solver, and unfailingly good company."
    -- Steven Phillips, MC2

    "Doug is THE most creative, effective, articulate, professional, clever writer, director, producer for any event, video or keynote."
    -- Julie Coppernoll, Intel

    "That's Doug: smart, creative, fun, honest, good people."
    -- Robert Laney, Works, Inc.

    "He continues to set the bar higher every time we work together."
    -- Annie Weis, NRDC

    "He is a calming and confidence building collaborator."
    -- Kim Davis, Encore Productions

    "Doug is passionate about clear communication and creative results."
    -- Julie Gilday-Shaffer, JGS Group

    "Doug is one of the most creative individuals I have ever met."
    -- Eileen Harrell, Universal Orlando

  • We'll keep it simple:

    PHONE: 310.467.4682


    located in sunnyvale, ca
    available to travel worldwide.


    Q: We need a writer but not a video or event guy. Can you help?
    A: Certainly! The video and event guys will wait in the car though, just in case your needs change.

    Q: How do you bill?
    A: As conservatively as possible. Depending on your needs and resources, we can agree on a project rate or bill by the day or even by the hour.

    Q: Are you available for longer-term projects?
    A: Oh yes, yes and hella yes. Here is my private line: 310.467.4782. Our operator is standing by.

    Q: Are you willing to travel?
    A: Just try and stop me. As you'll see here, I've produced throughout the US, Europe, Asia and South America.

    Q: Our budget is really tight tight. Do you offer your services for free in such cases? What if we promise to pay you for something else later on?
    A: Hmm...go ahead and check out our free section, featuring themes we haven't been able to sell. Use whatever you'd like. Next time, though, please respect that we do this for a living.

    Q: What's your favorite project ever?
    A: No offense to so many great clients, but being a lowly (but up-and-coming) coordinator at Walt Disney World for Mickey Mouse's 60th Birthday takes the cake. 10,000 challenged and underprivileged children from around the US and the world partying at WDW for three days and nights. Doesn't get much more fulfilling than that.



    Campos Creative Works (LA)
    Clarity Creative
    Encore (LV)
    GPJ (SF)
    HKM/Maslen (LV)
    The Kenwood Group (SF)
    MC2 (NY)
    R&R (LV)
    Zed Ink (LA)

  • themes we couldn't sell

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